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Some of our favorites...


Le Tigre Grand

Le Tigre Grand is our Premium 100+ seat Art Deco themed Velvet lined Venue that was created in 2015. With top of the line Audio and Lights this venue puts on a variety of productions.


We have hosted large cast Variety shows, shown movies at film festivals, and put on roudy Burlesque shows in this classy portable theatre.


Featured shows include the Honeymoon Cabaret, YoYo People, and more. 

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Le Tigre Petit

Le Tigre Petit is a 52 seat Cabaret Venue that  has been touring America since April fool's day, 2010.


With an old time vaudeville theme our smallest and most intimate venue features YoYo tricks, Paddleball, Burlesque, Magic, Mayhem and More! 


Touring from coast to coast to sold out crowds in LA, SF, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh,  Boise, Tempe, Nashville, Fort Collins and many more!


Le Tigre Bleu

Le Tigre Bleu is the New Zealand edition of Le Tigre. In collaboration with the World Buskers Festival, the 'NZ Edition' is a featured sold out venue every year since 2012 at the fest.


Guest performers include Rubberband Boy, Fraser Hooper, Mat Ricardo, Lili La Scala, Boy with Tape, Miss Behave, Las Cossas Nostras, Lords of Strut, Vinyl Burns and more, Le Tigre Bleu is a huge hit! 

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