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The history of Le Tigre Tent.

The  photo on the left was taken in Berlin, Germany. 

It spawned Le Tigre Tent!  

...well, sort of. 

After spending several summers in Europe  touring our Vaudeville show,

The Honeymoon Cabaret, we became inspired by the tiny top culture there and wanted to bring it back to North America. Tiny Top Venues are small enclosed performance spaces that help bring a closeness to the performers that can't be achieved in a normal sized venue. The vulnerability of the fourth wall or complete lack there of becomes a large part of the experience. 

Our Tiny Top Le Tigre Tent, opened it's illustrious  jaws for the first time on April 1, the year of the tiger in Los Angeles selling out 3 nights of shows!

(its easy when there are only 52 seats)

What we created was an atmospheric, top to bottom, inside-out experience that drew people in and gave them an incredible ride together. It was important to us that our venue have a time and space of its own just by existing. It needed to be a special place for performer and audience alike. A place where we could curate art pieces that were part of the structure itself. A place where a performer would be inspired by the venue to create a unique, magical piece of theatre just for Le Tigre.

Le Tigre has now grown to be a 52 seat, 100+ seat and New Zealand exclusive Venue. Le Tigre has opened its doors dozens of times throughout North America and New Zealand to happy adventurous crowds. 

Le Tigre Tent Logo
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