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Established on april fool's day

in the year of the tiger.

On April 1st, 2010, the original Le Tigre tent opened its velvet curtained mouth to a sold out run behind the Powerhouse Theater in Los Angeles, Ca. 

Clown friends Jonathan Taylor, Anne Goldmann, Voki Kalfayan, Anais Thomassian, and Jimmy Slonina put on an exciting performance. Like the audience, they didnt quite know what to expect performing for the first time in an incredibly intimate venue, with only 52 seats.  

Since the debut run, our company has grown,  toured & created hundreds more shows. Le Tigre Venues are now a tiny force to be reckoned with! Ensemble members from Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Spiegelworld, 500 Clown, Yoyo champions and more, Le TigreVenues are a true menagerie of Vaudevillian talent. Our tents have set up in dozens of states and has traveled many times to New Zealand to be a featured venue with 11 sold out shows everyday at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. 


Le Tigre Venues are also a featured venue with the beer drinking / bike celebrating Tour De Fat festival put on by New Belgium Brewery. Without the help from NBB, Le Tigre might not exist!


"It is a beautiful little venue...The husband-and-wife team has created a safe and welcoming performance space, complete with red velvet stage curtains, where performers can thrive."

- Charlie Gates​, The NZ Press 

"If you follow @Letigretent you can say you're following an indie circus tent. ​

That's pretty awesome... also, these people are incredible!"

- Amanda Palmer​, Musician 

"If I were not already happily spoken for, I would marry this tent."

- Mat Ricardo,  Vaudevillian​

"Awesome show! Thanks for squeezing us in!"

- Sara & Jenna, Austin Texas

"We loved waiting in line! Best ever!"

- L & D, San Diego, CA,

"Dear jesus, this changed my life."

- Charlie, Tempe Arizona

"Thank you I feel young again!"

- Terressa, San Diego, CA,

Le Tigre Tent Logo
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