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The artists of Le Tigre tent

Le Tigre Venues are made up of  talented vaudevillians, musicians, artists and clowns.  Each show is a jewel in the crown of intimate theatre that draws upon carnival-esqe sideshow adventures. The performances and art displayed are honed by the professionalism that  our cast has from working for such companies as Spiegelworld, Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil, 500 Clown, Mucca Pazza & more.

Company Members

Anne Goldmann - Co-creator / Owner / Performer

Jonathan Taylor - Co-creator / Owner / Performer

Guest Artists

Dan Huling, Todd Kundla, John Higby, Rebecca Higby, Michael Rahhal, Tim Heck, Vanessa Valliere, Noah Tabakin, John Steinmeir, Jimmy Slonina, Penny Pibbets, Voki Kalfayan, Miss Behave, Shay Hooray, Jason Knauf, Robyn Slonina, Paul Nathan, Scot Nery, Raspyni Brothers, Thomas John, Summer Shapiro, Armitage Shanks, Noah Veil, Fish Circus,
Shawn Mcmaster, Strange Circus, Rob Williams, Schwinntonation, Laura Easton, Dovekins,
Black & Blue Burlesque, Masonious Max,
Ben Burdick, Mat Ricardo, Lili La Scala,
Boy with Tape, Lords of Strut, Las Cossas Nostras, Magic Brian, Christopher Phi, Peter Mielniczek,
Hilby German Juggle boy, Fraser Hooper, Asaf N roll, Minnie Maniac, Benny B, Vinyl Burns, Mullet Man, Lindsay Benner, Bendy Em, Mulletman, Birdmann, Alakazam, El Gleno Grande, Space Cowboy, Becky Hoops, Miss Australia.

Le Tigre Tent Logo
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